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Debbie Rivera

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In working with both men and women on their love life, I have met hundreds of singles over the past ten years. I am amazed at how often the same challenges, questions, and issues come up. Although there is a wealth of information available on the subject of dating and finding a partner, not all the information out there is good quality and many times the advice is contradictory.

I work with you one on one to accomplish your dating goals where you will gain valuable insights and create a different outcome.

Through understanding their issues, getting their feedback, as well as having worked with other renowned experts in the dating field I have developed dating programs and seminars to address the challenges and provide singles with the tools to Discover Dating Success.

My dating seminars have been running successfully since 2013. They are interactive, insightful, fun, practical and… effective!

Bottom line – let me show you how to get started, stop settling and repeating old patterns, change your beliefs that hold you back, and find the love and happiness you deserve.