Meet Debbie

Daring For Lasting Love is for you if you are ready to find the love of your life, your soul mate. This will be especially helpful if you have been through a breakup and are trying to get back into dating again. This will help your confidence soar and you will gather tools, skills , and answers for breaking your old dating patterns (Yes, everyone has dating patterns that get in the way of finding the right guy),navigating dating and a loving relationship that is right for you. That is actually what I want to have happen for you – know who is right for you and who isn’t so that you have the love in your life that is fulfilling and exciting.

Get back with my ex

Debbie Rivera

My name is Debbie Rivera and I want to help you take a stand for the love you deserve to have and stop sabotaging what you want.

The way to get started is to call me up and we will come up with your plan.


My favorite quote is :
“Life is a continuous process of becoming”  . . .

Author Unknown

And I always add  . . . the becoming is up to us!

I am here to help you become more than you ever imagined while finding the love of your life.

Wishing you love,