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Live Find Your Soulmate 6 Week Series

Debbie’s Live Find Your Soulmate Series is 6 weeks, and each individual call is 90 minutes, with student participation. These are FUN, interactive, and inspiring. We have an online community for homework, playbacks and to interact in your very own group. You’ll love them! Please check our calendar for upcoming events.

During the 6 weeks of this online event, you will have the best teachings and advice, and know the latest research and discoveries on how to attract and cultivate deep, enfolding, lasting love.

Here’s the really good news …. , the payoff is huge!

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You’ll learn proven techniques to:

Get ready on the inside to find the love of your life

  • Let go of past hurts and attachments
  • Break-through fears (It can be terrifying to love someone so much!)
  • Find out what’s really sabotaging your love life
  • Master successful dating strategies
  • Communicate and resolve conflicts
  • Know what your needs are and ask for (and get!) what you want from a partner
  • Sustain a deeply meaningful lasting love connection

Plus, master guest panelists will share their best insights on “dating, mating and flirting,” increasing self-love, changing your limiting beliefs, improving communication in all your relationships, bringing more playfulness to your love life, navigating the world of online dating, surviving a breakup, and to their best tips for finding true lasting love.

I can hardly believe how much wisdom and insight we have packed into just 6 powerful weeks!

I even invited some real-life soulmate couples who reveal how they prepared themselves for Lating Love and how they keep that soulmate kind of love for each other. They also give an inside look at what soulmate love is all about.

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Does this work? Just ask our . . .

Previous event participants have said they experienced real break-throughs, resulting in big shifts in their love lives:


So whether you’re new to dating, just getting back in the game, or wondering if the person you’re with could actually be “the one,” you owe it to yourself to participate in this extraordinary “love-changing” series.

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