One Day Find Your Soulmate Event

One Day Love Empowering Workshop

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Join Debbie Rivera for an empowering find your soulmate workshop that will change the way you look at yourself and what you do next to bring love to your life.  In just one day, Debbie will show you how to attract men, change the way you date, and look at yourself in a whole new way. Debbie will show you how fun and simple living a life of love can be.

 Led by Debbie Rivera

Know –    

  • Are YOU ready for love? Is there something holding you back?
  • Are you ready to meet your soulmate today? Right now?
  • Do you believe your soulmate is out there?
  • Do you believe in the woman you are?
  • Are there past loves that still have their hold on you – or are yours in them?


  • Your hidden beliefs that attract love and beliefs that repel love
  • What holds you back from love
  • Using your past to create new future love
  • The “7 secrets every woman must know about men
  • What attracts and keeps a man wanting more
  • Living As If you draw love to you like a magnet
  • Unhooking and Letting Go of the Past
  • The dating plan that gets results
  • How to become the chooser

During this very experiential interactive one day love empowering workshop, Debbie will guide you through the most powerful processes to assist you in finding the love of your life.

They Include:

  • Utilizing healing techniques to let go of past heartbreak and blocks to love.
  • Clarify your needs and desires to powerfully create long-term romantic fulfillment.
  • Open your heart through the power of emotional intimacy
  • The one thing you need to really attract the one
  • Prepare your body, mind, spirit for this new journey

Take Away The 3 Keys to Manifesting True Love

  1. CLARITY: Getting absolutely clear about exactly the kind of person you want in a partner—someone who will fit with who you are now, and who you want to become.
  2. HEALING: Letting go of emotional & physical clutter that creates obstacles to even being open to love.
  3. TRANSFORMING: Using the right love techniques and draw in the perfect partner for you.

Who Should Come?

  • This course if for only single people seeking to attract and meet their soulmate!
  • Anyone who has been dating and feeling like he/she just isn’t out there
  • Someone who has ended a relationship and needs action steps to get out and start again
  • Perfect for the person who knows their soulmate is out there and just has not met them yet
  • Someone who has been married/divorced/widowed and struggling to get back into the dating scene
  • Tired of spending time alone wishing your soulmate will just appear


  • Clarify your needs and desires for your soulmate
  • You will finally know, believe and trust that the ONE is on the way to you
  • Begin to identify ways to heal past relationship wounds

This will help you:

  • Create True Lasting Love
  • Clear past barriers to love
  • Create a list of the qualities you want to attract in your soulmate
  • Experience the love you deserve to have in your life – no more settling
  • Meet like-minded people and feel supported by their journeys
  • Leave ready to attract your soulmate!