Is He Ready For Marriage?

4 Signs He’s not Ready For Marriage These days, more guys are taking their time to get hitched. Is yours one of them? He’s crazy about you, sure, but that doesn’t mean he’s ready to put a ring on it—at least, not so fast. New research reveals that men are waiting longer to get hitched […]

Compatibility Is The Key To Successful Relationships

What is Compatibility? Compatibility is important in any successful relationship. This is not to say that you and your partner have to like all the same things and be exactly alike. It is not a matter of having someone that is like a mirror image of yourself to share your time with. In fact, if […]

Should I Get Over My Breakup With A Rebound Relationship?

Broken Relationships Rebound The Smart Way When You Try To Get Over A Break Up With A Rebound Relationship . . . Rebound Dating. How many times have you seen one of your friends break up with a long-term partner only to find, the very next week, someone who was obviously all wrong for them? […]