Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Choose Your Thoughts Wisely How To NOT Believe Everything You Think   Your thoughts are just that… thoughts. They are NOT facts! You get to choose the thoughts you focus on. So next time a negative thought pops up, let it go. Replace it with a positive affirmation. All day, your mind is throwing you thoughts, […]

New Beginnings Are Best When Seeking Love

30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself Remember today, for it is the beginning.  Today marks the start of a brave new future. Our previous article, 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself, was well received by most of our readers, but several of you suggested that we follow it up with a list of […]

Developing Your Ego Is Necessary

Your Ego Is Not the Enemy ~ Blake D. Bauer   Excerpt from the book: You Were Not Born To Suffer Our ego is not our enemy. Contrary to what most of us believe, we all create the cocoon of our ego as an act of unconditional self-love to protect us until we’re ready to fully embody our […]

3 Ways To Have More Confidence And Self-Love

THE ART OF SELF-LOVE The perfect time to work on loving yourself is now. BY ASHLEY DAVIS BUSH Susan sat in front of me staring out the window.  She smoothed some stray gray hairs around her right ear, sighed, and said, “I’m 63 years old for heaven’s sake; it’s time that I learn to love […]

Free To Be You

“You were born to be free. Free of fear, free of stress, free of the past — free to be strong, wise, and perfectly unique When you realize no one else on this earth can be like you… that no other soul may know the beauty, sorrow, light and darkness you alone are given to […]

All You Need Is Love