What Choices Are You Making With Your Love Life

Know What Holds You Back From Finding Love Has love escaped you – time for a change 1. Be Smart About Who’s In Your Life (and Why). Is there a man you’re considering letting get closer? Are you ready to date again, light up some sparks and flirt with someone new? Any relationship or dating that’s on […]

Don’t Date The Wrong Guy

9 Warning Signs You Are Dating the Wrong Guy Every woman has some dating doubts, but if you’re experiencing any of the following issues, perhaps you are dating the wrong guy. To find lasting love that is fulfilling and complete with true happiness, you should be aware that not everyone you date is the right […]

Knowing When Love Is Right For You

Don’t Date The Wrong Guy Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not a new relationship is going to work out. It doesn’t help that you fall for people that end up being fundamentally wrong for you. So how do you tell whether the guy you’re with is someone who is right for you? […]

Ready For Love?

Are You Ready For Love? Getting to the heart of what holds you back. If someone were to ask you what you really wanted from a relationship – what would the answer be? It’s that time of year when not only are we busier at work than ever, but our personal lives are about to […]

Why You Are Perfect For Someone

There Is A Guy Out There Who Is Looking For Someone Just Like You Believe this for I know it is true. I’ve worked with hundreds of incredible women in my career. The funny thing is a lot of them seem to think that if you’re attractive and female, you simply blend in with all the […]

Are You A Girl That Believes In The Rules?

40 Dating Tips I Gathered After Reading Ellen Fein’s The Rules  Are The Rules Right For You? By MADDISON JENSEN  This book — The Rules — was what the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You was based on. The term “You are not the exception” is referring to The Rules. Historical evidence and references are explained in depth in the pages of […]

Creative Boyfriend Gifts – Unexpected Gifts He Will Love

Great Ways To Express Your Love To Your Boyfriend Gifts Guys Love Are you in a dilemma about what gift to get your boyfriend?  Don’t want to be over the top or too mushy? When giving gifts to those we love, we all want to give items they will enjoy and be surprised to receive. […]

The Fundamentals Of Dating

Discover The Fundamentals of Dating When you enter into the dating world, there are some very important factors that you need to consider and keep in mind. The most basic factor is a person’s attitude. An attitude can affect all of the dynamics of a relationship and dating experience. Attitude involves how a person looks […]

Dating Tips – Don’t Start Texting Too Soon


Sweet Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

Appreciate The Things Your Boyfriend Does There are many sweet things to say to your boyfriend. Sometimes just saying something nice can pull him out of a funk. If you have had a fight, it’s worth coming up with something nice to say. It is amazing how much your boyfriend will turn towards you instead […]