5 Fabulous Flirting Tips That Work

Don’t Forget To Flirt – That Is What Dating Is All About Flirting Begins A Connection – That Connection Can Turn Into A Relationship There are so many varied flirting techniques and no-fail plans for getting a guy interested that it can be hard to know where to start. Not only that but if you are […]

Know If Someone Is Flirting

HOW TO TELL SOMEONE IS FLIRTING WITH YOU IN 12 MINUTES Can you tell if someone is interested? Look for the signs  . . . 1-3 minutes If someone begins talking to you by dishing out compliments and being encouraging to things you say, it is a good indicator they are interested – according to […]

What Is Your Flirting Style?

Five Flirting Styles The Five Flirting Styles will help you realize what you can do differently by discovering what you already do well. You get individualized feedback about your own flirting style from an online inventory.  Learn how each style is related to love, sex, personality, and dating. What is your flirting style? Find out […]

Surefire Techniques For Flirting

Common Flirting Signs Between Men And Women How often have you felt like you didn’t know a thing about flirting?  When you meet someone appealing, you might not realize the importance of letting them know you are interested. For both men and women there are several things we just do – naturally when flirting.  Start behaving in a […]

Men Are Better At Noticing If A Woman Is Flirting

It’s official: Men and women are TERRIBLE at flirting, reveal researchers – and say the key to attracting a partner is to abandon all attempts at subtlety Women were worse than men at spotting when they were being flirted with 36 percent of men judged correctly – compared to 18 percent of women Humans are […]

The Science Behind Flirting

The Art And Science of Flirting Knowing how to flirt is both an art and a science. A slew of research provides a convenient road map to what works best and what doesn’t: 1. Skip the cheesy jokes: According to research, both men and women react poorly to silly jokes, hollow compliments, cheesy pick-up lines […]

Flirting Made Easy

Art Of Flirting  Being in your feminine and having fun with it – is when you are most playful and alluring to men You need to know that men are already drawn to you by naturally being in your feminine – so relax – go with it – the attraction is already there – Flirting Tips […]